Our Initiatives


Redesign Cancer Screening

Precision Health Innovation:  digital health technology that allows early cancer detection by providing risk assessments and screening plans directly to patients with regular health check-ins

Clinical Validation: RISC (Risc-Informed Screening) IRB research study to identify how to improve screening adherence with better patient experience

Care Navigation:  virtual heath services with patient advocates, genetic counselors, and cancer specialists


Smart Connected Health

Precision Health Innovation: AI digital health support platform offering continuous engagement and interventions when the patient is away from the clinic

Clinical Validation:  research study to collect and assess patient generated health information including support needs, quality of life measures, patient decisions, and outcomes

Care Navigation:  virtual heath services with patient advocates, care coordinators, and clinicians



Continuously Connected Maternal Wellness

Precision Health Innovation:  A digital marketplace with curated recommendations for services and technologies tailored to mom’s journey from preconception to two years postpartum. 

Clinical Validation: patient level data collection with ~1000x more predictive analytics data than the traditional care model allowing clinicians to be notified to emerging pathology well before it becomes intractable disease.

Care Navigation: Remote access to a community and culturally matched navigator guides mom daily across her journey- mom is never alone or in a maternal care desert.